Infertility and Family Building

The decision to build a family is filled with excitement, fear, joy, and anticipation.  The process can look many different ways.  It can be two partners deciding its the right time for a baby, a single woman who yearns to be a mom, a family of three hoping to be a family of four, or a couple deciding they want to adopt or foster children in need of a home.  No matter what the reasons behind the decision to build your family, there can be some expected and unexpected barriers in the process that alter what we had originally envisioned.  When this occurs, stress can lead to overwhelm and emotional exhaustion.

Reproductive health is not always something we think about prior to building a family.  When we encounter difficulties in fertility or require medical assistance to become pregnant, the process can take us by surprise.  It is invasive, uncomfortable, and even painful.  Feelings of  isolation, fear, anger, confusion among other emotions are common in infertility treatments and hope can become an enemy instead of the friend you rely on to get you through tough times. If you are encountering these emotions and would like to talk to someone, please contact Amanda to schedule a session.